Why Odevs


Choosing the right partner is very vital to get the most out of Odoo. A good partner must be very knowledgeable in the platform to be able to design the best solutions and guide you on the best practices. Below we list down the reasons why you should consider Odevs to be your partner.

Obsessed with Odoo

If it is not obvious yet, we are obsessed with it. We spend all our time and effort in mastering the platform. Think about it. Would you hire someone that has mediocre knowledge on a lot of things or an expert in the field? Odoo is broad in itself so mastering it requires great focus.

Track Record of Successful Projects

We have proven ourselves to be able to finish projects across various industries. We have never left a project unfinished. EVER.

Skip the Middleman

Price of big companies are high because they put large margins to maintain profit after paying their employees. They also have tedious processes that take up so much time and money which have minimal impact on the quality of their work. In Odevs, we focus on spending our time only on things that will provide the greatest value for our customers. We achieve the same or even better results for a fraction of the price. Just like buying directly from the manufacturer, the less people in between, the more cost-effective.

Clear and Systematic Process

Before we formed Odevs, all of us had years of experience in different fields in the IT industry such as development, network and server maintenance, UI/UX design, business analysis, and tech support. During these experiences, we have learned the best practices, tools, and ethics to achieve success. As stakeholders of projects in the past ourselves, we know the value of an easy to follow process and visibility of project status.

Why Odoo